The Ephemera

The soul of the Ebooks and Pictures ; the Ephemerals are characterized by life choices and human values shared. Far, very far, from artistic clichés, the movement is open to anyone showing originality on any kind of support (painting, photography, writing, multimedia ...)

Create for staying; the group of Ephemera was created by a charter who places the respect of people as a fundamental value.

Article 1

The motto of the Ephemera is "Create for staying"

Article 2

All Ephemera are equal whatever their course. The selection criteria are based on the originality and potential.

Article 3

Are excluded, anyone who does not respect simple rules of tolerance. The Critic of the group is allowed in the limit of a reasoned speech.

Article 4

Everyone is free to leave if the group does not suit him more.

Join the Ephemera

You are a painter, writer, creating multimedia, video game designer ... Description values above are yours, so do not hesitate to submit your work to the following email contact address Contact Ebooks and Pictures